AJ Applegate talks about Orgasms!

In celebration of Orgasm Day, here’s what AJ Applegate had to say about orgasms….

1. How to know if a woman is faking an orgasm.
2. Why orgasms are important.
3. AJ’s first 2 days after the O-Shot procedure.
5. AJ’s tips for a woman to have an orgasm.
6. How many adult film stars fake orgasm?
7. AJ tells the truth about her orgasms (hint…she’s NOT faking).
8. How AJ’s lover knows when she needs an orgasm (when AJ may not know).
9. Religion & orgasms.
10.The world-mission of a top-tier film star…AJ says, “….”


Charles Runels: Thank you very much, because I know you’re busy. When I called you last, you were taking a plane from somewhere to somewhere and you’re all over the place with your schedule, so thank you for making time for this. So, just tell me, if you had like a minute or two to talk with someone about one of those people, what would you want them to know about orgasms or just sex?

AJ Applegate: I just feel like everybody should want to have orgasms. I mean, sex makes you feel good and I feel like a lot of people almost feel guilty when it comes to being sexual instead of embracing their sexuality. I’ve kind of learned that from being in the industry and then meeting people outside of the industry and how they judge you and how they think about sex and their views. Just basically it has a lot, I think, to do also with how you grew up.

But I feel like women should not be afraid to explore their sexuality and want to get off and have as many orgasms as they can and not feel like they’re being judged. For me, that’s why I enjoy my job, because I kind of almost feel like I like to put that out there and tell women as much as possible, “Look. You’re beautiful. You’re sexy. You should want to go have sex. You should want to go explore.” And a lot of the times I feel like a response back is kind of like, “Oh, well I just hurry up and I try to get it done as fast as possible.” People don’t want to take the time to figure out what turns them on, and I think that has to do with a big part of women feeling guilty about it later on. I know when I have sex at home I still look at Tumblrs and clips and masturbate while I’m doing it and it’s like, “Oh, wow. That turned me on. This turns me on. I like this. I like that.” So I just feel like nowadays I just feel like sex has become like a chore almost to people. It shouldn’t be that way and I feel like maybe if they tried this orgasm shot maybe they’d feel hornier and want to explore more and take more time to enjoy themselves during sex.

Charles Runels: Well, thank you for mentioning that. You were there with Sylvia in Beverly Hills. I know that’s your home base, right, in Beverly Hills? Is that correct? Is that where you live?

AJ Applegate: Well, yeah. I’m in the Valley.

Charles Runels: Yeah. So you’re there in Los Angeles. Sylvia’s one of our providers and you were kind enough to experience the procedure. You just had it, was it yesterday or the day before?

AJ Applegate: The day before.

Charles Runels: Yeah. So, normally what happens is not much happens until the third week, but we’ll get into the details of the shot in a second, but since you brought it up, thank you for experiencing it. Tell me what you think about this, because I hear this sometimes. Women will tell me, “Well, I don’t need that shot because everything’s good already.”

AJ Applegate: Yeah.

Charles Runels: When someone tells me that, I always think I would never, if I had some cool workout tip for someone that was really in shape and you told them, they would want to know what it is. Actually, the more fit they are the more they would want to know.

AJ Applegate: Right.

Charles Runels: And I’ve found that people who enjoy sex, if you think that there’s … It’s an art, right? You never quit learning an art. When you bring up that you might have something that makes it better, what do they do? They want to figure out what it is, right? And I’ve found that a lot of people who it’s not working so well will pretend like it is. Do you have any thoughts on that? Am I off base there? What do you think about that?

AJ Applegate: No, no. That makes sense to me. I feel like the women that do say that are like, “Oh, whatever. I’m already good.” They probably don’t have that great of a sex life and maybe they think that they do, but they’re not sexual. They don’t want to explore more. That’s the reason … I know I have orgasms all the time. I’ve gotten gang banged, I’ve done a bunch of different things.

Charles Runels: Sure. Sure.

AJ Applegate: But for me, I still wanted to see how much further can I take this? Can I even enjoy sex even more if I do this?

Charles Runels: Yes.

AJ Applegate: So, that makes sense that those women probably aren’t [inaudible 00:04:32] that are like, “Oh, I’m fine.”

Charles Runels: Yeah. So what would you say … There are some people that would say … I don’t know if you know this, but women’s sexuality has this really interesting thing that I see nowhere else in medicine. For example, if my penis will not get erect, and I’m not bothered by that because I live alone, the official diagnosis for me would still be erectile dysfunction. Even if I live alone and do not have a lover and I’m not bothered by it. Just like if I have high blood pressure. Even if I’m not measuring it, I’ve got hypertension. Did you know that if you have, say, painful intercourse, dyspareunia, and you’re not able to have an orgasm but you’ve chosen as a female to live alone and you decide you’re not bothered by that, it does not get counted as a sexual dysfunction? And that came, I think that sort of evolved out of the idea as we, understandably, who are doctors to tell you you have a problem if you don’t think you have a problem? On the other hand, by thinking that way, women, if they have, say, their painful intercourse gone or their libido back their life could be different.

So, I guess what I’m saying is that it’s really exciting for me to talk with someone who is exploring the different areas of their sexuality and doing it bravely and openly. And, by the way, one of my favorite books is by C.S. Lewis who wrote this book called Mere Christianity, and he said the prig on the first row is much better off … No, excuse me. I got that backward. The prostitute on the back row is much better off than the prig, self-righteous prig on the first row. Christ was a friend to the prostitutes but He was really hard on the self-righteous prigs. So I don’t mean to make any sort of religious comment about that except that I think self-righteous people, not thinking deeply about exploring their sexuality may be missing out. That’s all I’m saying.

AJ Applegate: Yeah.

Charles Runels: So, talk to me about … So if you were going to talk to a woman from your experience, would you want to make any comments about, not counting the O shot, we’ll get around to that, about how they might … I like what you said about figuring out what excites you by letting your mind go to different areas and see if that’s something that excites you or not. And so talk to me more if you were going to advise a woman about how to develop more pleasure in her relationships or not, as a solo, you got any quick tips?

AJ Applegate: I mean, for relationships, I just … I mean, go to a sex store. Get different toys. Get different kind of products. Use them on your boyfriend, use them on yourself. At least at home, with your boyfriend, you’ll feel safe about it and you’ll feel more open to wanting to try different things because you’re alone with him, you’re comfortable with him, whatever.

Charles Runels: Yeah.

AJ Applegate: And just maybe look at different sorts of clips with him and kind of see what turns him on and then maybe that will turn you on. The same as if you’re alone. What I do, I just use my vibrator and I’ll look at different stuff and I’ll know. I’ll be like, “Oh, my God. I feel really excited when I look at that.” Now I already know what turns me on, so I don’t really have to explore that much. I mean, I still will just to see maybe … Because over time, everyone changes.

Charles Runels: They do, don’t they?

AJ Applegate: What turns me on when I was younger, different stuff turns me on now. But you always should be exploring and figuring out, because you’re never always going to be the same, especially I feel like as you get older, your chemistry in your body changes, too. Yeah. I mean, even … I don’t know. I guess [inaudible 00:08:51].

Charles Runels: Yeah. It’s beautiful. So what would you say to a woman who said, “You know, I don’t have an orgasm, but I don’t need an orgasm and I don’t want to have one just to please my male lover, so it’s just off my radar.” What do you think, and those comments are made and who am I to say what’s right or wrong, but what would you say, other than pleasure, as far as just relationships, your ability, your mental health, anything … I don’t want to put words in your mouth, but other than the pleasure you have in the bedroom, what benefits do you think orgasms might have for a woman? Because, you know, this is the deal. Orgasm day is in five days, July the 31st. Can you believe it? So we’re doing this, this will be on officialorgasmday.com by tomorrow morning. Anyway, talk to me about things other than pleasure that you might have noticed. Like, if you don’t have an orgasm for a while, what’s different, good or bad, than when you do have orgasms?

AJ Applegate: For me, I have a boyfriend, and he’s also in the industry.

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AJ Applegate: I have a boyfriend, and he’s also in the industry. He always tells me he knows when I haven’t had an orgasm in a while because I get cranky, and I turn bitchy, and he doesn’t want to be around me, and he wants to fuck me, so I’m not that way anymore.

I’m a very sexual person. I need to get off, and I feel like women don’t realize that, because they haven’t really had real orgasms.

Charles Runels: Yes. It can happen, can’t it?

AJ Applegate: Oh, what was I going to say?

Charles Runels: We talk at all the benefits of orgasm other than the fun part outside the bedroom.

AJ Applegate: Oh, yes, and also for me the same with exercise. Having orgasms I believe release endorphins in your brain.

Charles Runels: Yeah, sure. All sorts of hormonal things.

AJ Applegate: Yeah. It’s like a known fact that most of the time people that are more sexual are less depressed than other people, and if we were not built the way that we are, I mean we’re built to have sex and reproduce and have orgasms. I mean it’s just the way it is, and I feel like people don’t look at it that way, because of the way society views sex, people just feel guilty about it and don’t really care. I feel like the benefit of that, I mean I’m sure maybe they’ll feel happier, they’ll want to do more. I mean I just notice that I’m always in a better mood.

Charles Runels: Yes. Do you notice any patterns? I agree with what you’re saying. Actually, there’s some biochemicals. As a physician, I will tell you that there’s this boost of oxytocin, that’s the same thing that a mother gets when she breast feeds a child, and it has this relaxing calming thing. It comes from the pituitary gland when you have the orgasm, and who knows what all? There’s over 200 hormones made by the pituitary gland, so who knows what all happens, and that’s interesting, but I hear that. Now, somewhere in the motel maybe they feel … By the way, I don’t think men were supposed to talk this much in one day, so I have this spray that keeps me from coughing when I talk.

AJ Applegate: That’s so great.

Charles Runels: We supposed to not talk very much. Okay. It’s against our nature to use so many words at a time.

AJ Applegate: You’re just supposed to listen to women.

Charles Runels: Do whatever they say most of the time, especially in the bedroom.

AJ Applegate: Yeah.

Charles Runels: I really lost my train of thought there. What was I going to, what were we talking about? Oh, do you think that women sometimes are … You talked about your boyfriend sometimes thinks, “Well, you just need to have an orgasm.” Do you think it happens sometimes that women are frustrated and depressed and don’t realize, even an experienced woman, don’t realize that, “Oh, yeah. I just need to have sex.” Does that happen? Yeah, it does?

AJ Applegate: Oh, I believe it.

Charles Runels: I do, too.

AJ Applegate: I just know my body, and I know how sexual I am, so I know I’m either hungry or horny when I’m in a bad mood.

Charles Runels: Does it ever happen that you think that it doesn’t occur to you that the reason you’re irritable is you need to have sex, and then, “Oh, okay. That’s why,” after you have the sex or in the middle of it?

AJ Applegate: Yeah.

Charles Runels: Isn’t that funny?

AJ Applegate: Yeah, that’s how I learned, after my boyfriend kept saying things to me, I’m like, “That’s interesting,” because every time after we did it, I’m always so happy, and I don’t want to fight with him anymore. I don’t want to argue really.

Charles Runels: If a woman were trying to learn to have an orgasm … Well, let me back up a little bit. Do you know women in the industry who cannot have an orgasm, who pretend, or would they tell you?

AJ Applegate: They won’t tell you, but I can just tell. I understand after working with so many women, I just I can feel it. I can feel partner chemistry and feel I believe feeling how her body’s reacting to me, and I can tell if she’s faking it or not, and I feel like a lot of maybe like 50/50, half the girls are really in this industry because they love sex, or they’re just in it for the money. I feel like it’s very 50 like half and half.

Again, I just feel like for someone not to be sexual, I just feel like there’s something psychologically wrong with you, because I just … Either maybe something happened to you when you were younger, and that’s kind of why you don’t think about sex ever, and you don’t want to think about sex, because it’s so traumatizing, or either, again, this is the way you grew up, how you were raised, how your family looked upon sex, and taught you about sex. Because I mean coming from how I grew up, my mom was very closed-minded. I went to church all the time. She made me feel like she was always talking about sex as it was something like dirty it looked like. Maybe not so much to the worst extent, but it was still like she was very, I don’t feel like she was open-minded.

Even growing up that way, I looked at the situation, and I didn’t want to be that way. I wanted to be very open-minded, so I always made sure her opinions didn’t affect my opinions, and so I feel like if other girls grew up like that, I could see why they would not want to have orgasms and not hear about sex and feel maybe dirty after or whatever.

I mean either way, it’s like you can just tell when a woman is faking it or not, or I feel like. Maybe some guys just don’t know about it.

Charles Runels: Well, that brings up two points. First of all, I do think there’s these huge social, psychological, spiritual, and physical component, which brings us to the O-Shot® piece of it, and I’m grateful for you as a woman who’s very in touch with your body and your emotions, even so much that you can plug into other people’s bodies and emotions and get a feel for what’s really going on. I’m interested to see what happens over the course of the next two to three months with your O-Shot®, because we have had experience with women who are already having amazing orgasms taking it to a different level, and women who were having problems, say they had an episiotomy where they tore when they had a baby, and now they’re having pain or things don’t feel as sensitive as they did, because they’ve aged, the hormonal problems, so it seems to be making women who already function well to a different level, and those who are not functioning well, back to functioning well again.

AJ Applegate: I mean that scares me.

Charles Runels: Yes, well-

AJ Applegate: Because if I’m already the way that I am, I think about that being more, I mean someone’s going to have to lock me up or something.

Charles Runels: Yeah, well, maybe so, we’ll see. Well, it’ll be soon. We’ll do another interview in three or four weeks, and we’ll see if you’re behind bars or not.

Talk to me about if, let’s say that … Okay, I have two questions. One is, and you can answer them in this order, one is: If a woman were going to fake the perfect orgasm, any tips for faking an orgasm? Because you were saying that you work with women who sometimes fake it. For example, one of, actually the sex doctors, one of the world’s premier sex doctors told me look at pictures of people having orgasm, and they’re face looks exactly like someone in pain, you cannot tell the difference between an orgasm face, and I’m having pain face.

AJ Applegate: Right.

Charles Runels: Do you have, and if you don’t, that’s cool, because you don’t have to fake it, so maybe I’m asking the wrong person, but what have you noticed women who seem to be faking it, how do you pick up the difference if someone’s going to do the perfect fake off? What would they do or not do, other than, and this has got nothing to do with medicine, I’m just, or maybe it does? Maybe it helps me diagnose or help people figure out. Any tips?

AJ Applegate: Usually, I notice when a girl’s faking it, she gets really loud for no reason. Even if I’m not even touching it anymore, she’s still doing it. I figure out wait a minute, I’m not even down there for the rest of that moment.

Charles Runels: Okay.

AJ Applegate: We just-

Charles Runels: Time the noises with the stimulation, don’t get out of sync.

AJ Applegate: Yeah, at least get the noises right with what I’m doing, you know what I mean?

Charles Runels: That was good.

AJ Applegate: Then, I mean they’ll just start talking like weird stuff. It’s not even dirty, horny stuff, it’s just like they’ll just start saying, “Oh, yeah, oh, yeah,” and just really loud, and then it’s like but I’m not even, I mean I was looking for the second one, but then I had moved my head, and I’m …

Charles Runels: Okay. The emotions don’t match the activities.

AJ Applegate: Yeah, or they’ll try to move their bodies in this crazy thing. I don’t know how to explain it, but they’ll just start going crazy, and I’m like, “You don’t have to go crazy to look like you’re having an orgasm,” because usually when you are having an orgasm, your body’s not jolting like the Exorcist, do you know what I mean?

Charles Runels: It’s almost like a paralysis, isn’t it?

AJ Applegate: Maybe sometimes, but I mean I usually get almost quiet when like …

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Section 3 of 3 [00:20:00 – 00:30:05](NOTE: speaker names may be different in each section)

AJ Applegate: I used to get almost quiet when I’m having orgasms because my body … I can’t get out what I want to ’cause I’m in that shocking moment, so it’s like I almost get quiet, like can’t get it out.

Charles Runels: Yeah. So [crosstalk 00:20:16] …

AJ Applegate: Or my leg … You can tell my leg shakes or, I don’t know, my body just … shakes or something.

Charles Runels: So in a really deep orgasm … The Chinese talk about 10 levels of orgasms in the Tao, and the highest levels a woman almost feels like she’s about to lose her breath and for a second, on a subconscious level, almost like you’re about to die. Is that true?

AJ Applegate: Yeah, that …

Charles Runels: Talk to me. Talk to me about that.

AJ Applegate: That’s how I feel, ’cause I actually have to hold my breath a little bit to get it out. But that’s almost what it feels like, like you take in that deep breath and then can’t get out your breath.

Charles Runels: Yes.

AJ Applegate: And then I don’t [inaudible 00:21:01] … I can’t even explain to you … I mean, it’s something that’s so …

Charles Runels: Well, you’re doing very well, as a matter of fact. [Jennifer 00:21:09] told me that you’re smart and articulate, and you are exactly those things, so you’re doing very well. To make you feel a little better, I was at the International Society for Women’s Sexual Health, which is a world-renowned society for doctors who think about sex and research sex, and I found one of the smartest, top three smartest, people in the room, and I guided off to the side and I said, “Okay, I just want you to explain to me, biochemically and emotionally, what you think actually happens when a woman has an orgasm.” And it was deer in the headlights. Deer in the headlights.

AJ Applegate: Oh, really?

Charles Runels: Yes. You would think that there would be this great, amazing thing.

AJ Applegate: Explanation.

Charles Runels: Yeah, but what she gave was just as good as you [inaudible 00:22:02]. Now, there’s a few biochemical things that we know that go on, but the whole system … See, part of the thing that I’m campaigning for … So, when you were in school and you took biology they would talk about the respiratory system?

AJ Applegate: Yeah.

Charles Runels: Yeah, yeah, right? Gastrointestinal system, the digestive system, the nerves. We all heard that. Did they ever, in third grade science, talk to you about the orgasm system?

AJ Applegate: No.

Charles Runels: No.

AJ Applegate: They taught us about our vagina, but they never … They just taught you about what entails inside and how it works and … They never explained.

Charles Runels: Let me tell you something.

AJ Applegate: I think they want … They don’t want you to have sex. They just teach you about STDs and to be abstinent.

Charles Runels: Yeah, scared you off [crosstalk 00:22:44]. So, my sex education was, in school at least, was a coach telling a couple of dirty jokes and showing you how to put on a condom so you don’t catch all those horrible diseases. That’s it, and that’s what most people get. But believe it or not, there is nowhere, anywhere, in a textbook ever the word “orgasm system.” But my point I’m making is the whole purpose of this system is thinking about how everything works together. The psychology, which you talked about, what turns you on.

And I think we come here built differently, right? Some people come here wanting the same sex, a different sex. Some people want to be tied up. Some people want to be whipped. And they don’t even realize that some people want to be treated lots of different ways, and they come here genetically that way. I mean, I’m convinced that people … When you talk to people that are homosexual, they’ll tell you, “Yeah, third grade I realized I’m a boy and I’m attracted to my football coach,” and where they were never abused. They just came here being attracted to other men.

And I embrace the idea that people should be able to love other people as long as they’re not hurting each other, and part of that reason for embracing that is that I think that that’s the way we are made. The way we are made to love, we find the person who matches us in that way.

So that’s the long way of saying that there’s this whole system that I don’t think we understand that involves everything you said: the physical, the emotional, the relationship part. And all our O-Shot® does is work with the physical part, but what some of the therapists want to do is think about the emotional part and not think of the physical part. So I can’t wait to see what you notice about the physical piece of this.

So, let’s see … I had so … I got so many questions for you. I don’t know [crosstalk 00:24:43].

AJ Applegate: I mean, I already feel like [inaudible 00:24:45]. I had sex last night for a couple hours.

Charles Runels: Yeah, was it fun?

AJ Applegate: But it was hard, because I was [inaudible 00:24:54], but I was super sensitive already, so it was almost like tickling. It [inaudible 00:24:58] like … So I’m thinking maybe I’m still healing a little bit.

Charles Runels: Yeah. So talk to me about … So first of all, let me remind everybody. You had the shot about two days ago, and there is a needle involved, and the numbing shot goes right next to the clitoris, and that can be a little tender sometimes. And there’s all sorts … Imagine if you had a bruise on your leg. It can feel ache-y. It can feel burn-y, itchy, all sorts of things, and then it heals up. But we didn’t bruise you necessarily with this little tiny needle, but the material we put in there, or that Sylvia Silvestri put in there, from your blood draw would be the equivalent to a huge bruise. So you got the growth factors of a big injury without a big injury, and that can cause feelings of warmth and blood flow and all sorts of things, and people … Or nothing at all.

So talk to me more about what you felt last night. This will be interesting.

AJ Applegate: I mean, I felt …

Charles Runels: Different than what you would normally feel with sex. Good or bad?

AJ Applegate: No, I just felt super horny the night that I got it done already.

Charles Runels: Yeah, that’s common.

AJ Applegate: But I couldn’t have sex. Like it sucked ’cause I wanted to have sex bad, but it was still stinging, like it stung until the next morning. I think I’m just one of those weird cases, ’cause I felt it and everything. She was like, “You’re not gonna feel it. Nobody feels it.” And I’m like, “Yeah, just wait. I’m fucking intense.”

So, yeah, and then yesterday it finally wasn’t stinging anymore, so last night … I mean, I was still so super horny. I’ve just been wanting to have sex. If anything, I think right now, since I’m still healing, I’m just … It’s just making me more horny right now.

Charles Runels: Well, I hear that a lot, and we actually have … And then I … It’s part of the reason that I warn younger women who are already sexually active that it could be almost continuous for the first two to three days. We’ve had one woman who had an orgasm hitting a speed bump. We had woman pushing a buggy in the grocery store. We had one of the doctors who trained with us, his wife had an orgasm at dinner. We always go to dinner after we train. And I didn’t catch it. She wasn’t like the Goldie Hawn scene, but her face all contorted up and my nurse Danielle said, “Did you just have an orgasm?” She had an orgasm at dinner. And so I warn people that you need to have your boyfriend at home or your girlfriend or whatever, and because you could be, if you’re young … Danielle, my nurse, had an orgasm walking down the hall at the office. It can be extremely …

But I’m glad you pointed that out, because the first day or two the numbing cream sometimes can be a little bit sting-y and irritating, and so I always tell people to wash off in the tub. But, yeah, you’re gonna have a blast.

So, let’s plan, if you want, let’s do another talk. I’m gonna put this on OfficialOrgasmDay.com and tell people about it, and I’m gonna also interview some doctors about the science piece of it and some other people. But I’m so happy we got to talk. Anything else? Like if you were going to just talk to men and women out there about … Say anything. Any closing comments? Thank you so much for taking time, ’cause I know … I just want to people to know, this woman is dressed in her relaxing, I’m smart, college student right now, but she’s a frickin’ star. You’ve got a huge fan base, and I’m really honored that you took time to talk with us. Any other last minute things you want to say before we shut it down for the day?

AJ Applegate: I don’t know. I’m just … I’m really super excited to see what happens, and I think that this is an awesome thing that all women should try and more women should know about, and even guys can do it, too.

Charles Runels: Yeah, we got it for the penis, too. It’s called the Priapus Shot. We have some couples that will come in, they both get it, and then they go off and have a fun vacation, a weekend [crosstalk 00:29:09].

AJ Applegate: Yeah, that’s what she was telling me. That’s amazing. I feel like more … Maybe if more … I feel like if more couples did do stuff like this, maybe there wouldn’t be so much divorce and cheating and … You know what I mean? More people would appreciate their relationships and have more fun and not be so stressed out all the time.

Charles Runels: Good for you. I can tell that you have fun with your work, but you also have a mission to help people, and I’m very grateful. I mean, you didn’t know me from Adam and you said, “Let’s do this thing, and I’ll give you something back,” and so here we are. Thank you, A.J., and we’ll be in touch and we’ll do another interview down the line and you can teach us more.

AJ Applegate: Okay. Awesome.

Charles Runels: Thank you [inaudible 00:29:53]. Bye-bye.

AJ Applegate: Thank you.

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